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Episode 1: YouTube Lesbians Changing Lives

In this episode Kelly and MC discuss how Queer women on YouTube helped them on their coming out journey.

Some backstory, Kelly went to a french catholic high school is suburban Ottawa, Canada and MC went to a private Christian high school in suburban Birmingham, Alabama. What is quite interesting, is that both are comparable, as French Canada (Quebec) and the deep south of America both love sugar pie. interesting!

YouTubers we mentioned:

  • Hannah Hart

  • Ash Hardell

  • Anna Akana

  • Stevie Boebi

  • Lacy Green
    (not linked, as we recognize her problematic approach to the trans community)

  • Rose and Rosie

  • Cammie Scott

  • Shannon Beveridge

  • Jade (foxyhotmess)

  • Ashley Perez

  • Ari Fitz

More Queer Women YouTubers:

  • Marina Watanabe

  • Elle Mills

  • Joanna Simon

  • Riley J Dennis

  • Rowan Ellis

  • Kayley Hyde

  • Alexis G Zall

  • Gaby Dunn of Just Between Us

  • Chantel Houston

  • Dodie

Kelly Kitagawa