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TIFF 2018: The Bold, Heart Breaking, Innovative "Rafiki" by Wanuri Kahiu

Wanuri Kahiu’s “Rafiki” explores the coming out journey of two young Kenyan women as they fall in love and discover themselves together.

There was such a tremendous charm and presence to this film. From the opening credits to the final frame, this film had me falling in love. The characters have this incredible presence that translated incredibly on screen, and though the direction wasn’t quite polished, every second had this in your face freshness. The story and script were very strong, and everything felt very authentic.

The effort that was made to authentically tell the story of two queer women of colour was felt throughout the piece, and the honest depiction of a beautiful city and culture was ever-present. Every moment felt real and raw.

I particularly loved the use of colour in this film, as I so often get bored of the stale, overexposed, white & nothing Instagram Style. I don’t wanna give any more away. Go watch this film if you like love and great film.