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My YouTube Journey - Road to 4000 Hours

For those who are new to watching the things I make online, you should know I’m not new at this. I made my channel 7 years ago when I desperately needed a creative outlet. My channel has a library of over 180 videos, most of which are now private or unlisted. 

5200 subscribers, 130,000 views, two  decently successful videos. 

Enter, the new partner program rules at YouTube. My partner status is now gone, after 4 years as a YouTube Partner.

And look, as mentioned, it was never about the money for me. I wanted to make friends and discover my passion. What I found was a career in digital strategy, a way to get rid of my stutter and friends all over the world. I’m always interested in what’s going on in the industry, because I feel I’ve already gotten so much.

But here’s why I want to give this an actual serious go, finally.

I’m a tiny, mixed race, queer girl. Growing up, I never saw myself anywhere in media, until YouTube. I watched coming out videos; just as I watched YouTube legends Happy Slip and Natalie Tran. I got to imagine me; funny, happy, prosperous and in love. And then 7 years later, I got that. That’s me right now. I think I’ve found the love of my life, I have a stable income and I feel connected with the world around me. I know that there are young girls out there who are looking for ways to feel less alone.

Over the 6 years I’ve had my YouTube channel, I’ve rebranded at least 5 times. I was growing up. I’ve made videos about everything from music to feminism to my underwear (yes, that happened). But not once, have I trusted myself to make content, consistently, strategically or really put my all into it. Except that one time I made 30 videos in a month.

I think this is really how I’ve approached most things in life, too. There are very few things that I have given my absolute best shot.

So I’m going to finally do that. I’m going to do all the things I’ve wanted to do forever. I want you guys to follow along with how things go. I want to be transparent about what I want, and to let you guys to be part of my journey.

Here’s my YouTube bucket list:

  1. Collaborate with another Creator

  2. Work with 3 different Creatives on one video

  3. Make walk around style vlogs

  4. Launch a Cooking series I have in mind

  5. Launch a Fashion series I have in mind

  6. Tell my full coming out story in a way that does it justice

  7. Make the coolest brand deal video

  8. Develop a style that I’m obsessed with

  9. Respond to every comment possible

  10. Subscribe to 5 new people every month

  11. Promote awesome smaller YouTubers every month


Should I add something to my list? Let me know in the comments.

And lastly, if you like the stuff I’m making, sharing and subscribing, really helps me out, and would really mean the world. Thanks for reading my story, hope your day is a better day!